MicroMach Innovations Pvt Ltd

High Speed MicroMachining Center

  • Dynamic Stability: Vibration free high damping granite structure
  • High spindle speeds to address the limitation of lower flexural stiffness of the micro tools
  • High accuracy and precision:Stable optimized structure and nano-precision Z-stage
  • Process Versality: Micro-milling, Micro-drilling, Micro-turning, Micro-grinding
  • AC synchronous high torque electric spindle with speeds upto 140,000 RPM
  • Excellent surface quality (Ra~100nm)
  • Micromachining of difficult-to-cut materials


Flexible Reconfigurable Fiber Laser Machines and Processes

  • Robotic/Multi-axis directed energy deposition (DED) for repair and 3-D printing of free-form metal parts
  • Deep-hole micro-drilling
  • Laser cleaning solutions
  • Laser Welding

Micro Fabrication Services

  • Fabrication of micro-sized components wide range of engineering materials (Ti, Ni alloys etc.) with high precision and accuracy
  • Mask fabrication for lithography
  • Deep hole drilling in difficult-to-machine metals and alloys
  • Micro-mold fabrication
  • Repair/hard facing via laser additive manufacturing
  • High-speed laser cutting of reflective material

Micro Features

Micro Components


MicroMach Innovations

Micromach Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has emerged from the decade long micromanufacturing research carried out in the Machine Tools Lab at IIT Bombay. This technical start-up is co-founded by PhD students of the lab, Dr. R K Mittal and Mr. Sachin Alya, under the mentorship of Prof. Ramesh Singh. The product portfolio consists of micromachining center and customized flexible reconfigurable fiber laser solutions for additive manufacturing, welding, cleaning, deep hole drilling. We specialize both in products, such as micromachining centers, special purpose machines and microfabrication services.


Our vision is to bring “Science-Enabled-Technology” solutions for various challenging applications to enhance the global competitiveness of our clients. We hope to usher a new paradigm which we have christened as “Lab-to-Shop” for developing industry-ready technology solutions (both machine and process) based on the knowledge obtained from research in the lab.

About Us

Our Team

Dr. R. K. Mittal

Director, Co-Founder PhD & B Tech, IIT Bombay Faculty, IIT Guwahati

Sachin Alya

Director, Co-Founder PhD, IIT Bombay

Prof. Ramesh Singh

Principal Technical Advisor Faculty, IIT Bombay

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